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City Labs 20+ year life NanoTritium battery

City Labs 20+ year life NanoTritium battery

City Labs 20+ year life NanoTritium battery

City Labs Inc has announced the commercial launch of its NanoTritium betavoltaic power source, in the shape of a thumb-sized battery that draws on the energy released from its radioactive element to provide continuous nanoWatt power for over 20 years.

The company behind long-life (20+ years) NanoTritiumô batteries were granted a Product Regulatory General License to manufacture, sell, and distribute betavoltaic batteries. NanoTritiumô batteries are the first betavoltaic Tritium batteries to achieve such a classification. The General License liberates the end-user from the burden of regulatory paperwork, eliminates the need for radiological training, and allows for easy purchase without a prior radiation license.

City Labs have been awarded the following three Licenses:

  • 1. Research & Development License, granting City Labs the right to handle Tritium, the most benign of radioactive isotopes, in its laboratory facilities, headquartered in Homestead, Florida.
  • 2. Manufacturing License, granting City Labs the right to produce its unique betavoltaic batteries using Tritium.
  • 3. Sealed Source Device Registration (SSDR) under General License, granting City Labs the right to sell and distribute its NanoTritiumô batteries to end-users anywhere is the United States.

City Labs' NanoTritium batteries are ideal for applications where battery replacement is difficult. The batteries also provide a source of continuous nanowatt/ microwatt power for twenty years or more in crucial electronic platforms. Applications include intelligence-gathering sensors, medical implants, space satellite and probe power sources, trickle charging lithium batteries, semi-passive and active RFIDs (radio frequency identification), subsea sensors and buoys, wireless dust mote networks and field sensors, smart munitions, memory backup and lower power processors (e.g. ASICs, FPGAs, MicroController Units, etc.). City Labs' battery also serves as a vital component for the security and defense of electronics.

City Labs is backed by Alienware's co-founder Alex Aguila, currently located within the NASA-sponsored Carrie Meek Business Center in Homestead, Florida and includes betavoltaic pioneer Larry Olsen as Director of Research. They are currently developing higher power batteries which could provide tens of microwatts over the long haul as well as short bursts of milliwatt power.